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Do You Need A Dental Filling?

Decay related tooth pain really hurts! You may need a dental filling if you are experiencing:

  • Tooth pain whilst chewing
  • Sensitivity when eating or drinking
  • Feeling rough spots on your tooth with your tongue

Don’t Put Up With Tooth Pain – Get A Filling!
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Quality Dental Filling Materials To Save You Time & Money

Our fillings use Amalgam-free and long-lasting materials that are most trusted by dental professionals. Because they easily adhere to your tooth’s surface, we can use less-invasive procedures, aiming to save you time, cost, and additional discomfort.

Get The Dental Filling That You Need

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Stress Free Payment Options

Quality dental care shouldn’t break the bank. This is why Green Apple Dental Clinic accepts all private health funds and has a on site for immediate claiming. In addition, we are preferred providers for Medibank and HCF and offer a range of financial services and flexible payment plans and a dental membership to meet your individual needs.


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