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Children’s Dentistry in Brunswick

Just as its important to take your child for regular check-ups at a paediatrician, so too is it vital for you to bring your infant to the dentist, particularly as their first teeth begin to grow. This also helps your child to become familiar with dental check-ups, helping to overcome potential anxiety from a very young age. We love gifting all of our new patients with their very own oral hygiene kit, and that includes our youngest patients too.

Girl showing her teethGreen Apple Dental Clinic Makes Dental Visits Fun

We believe one of the best ways to help your child become familiar with visiting our practice is to bring them along for your dental appointments too. This allows them to gradually become accustomed to being in our environment, without being overwhelmed. Our warm and friendly team pride themselves on making dental visits a fun and enjoyable experience. We’ve even been known to offer free rides in the chair!

When it’s time for your child’s own dental check-up at Green Apple Dental Clinic, we also like to screen for potential oral health concerns, allowing us to address the issue before it becomes a more complex (and therefore, more expensive) issue.

Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS)

This government program provides up to $1,052 of private dental treatment over two calendar years for children between 2-17 who meet the eligibility requirements. If you are not sure if your child is eligible, please contact the practice and provide your Medicare number and we can check eligibility for your child.

Dental Advice You Can Trust

As your local, family-friendly dentist, we pride ourselves on also being able to educate our patients in all aspects of maintaining excellent oral health. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • How to maintain proper oral hygiene whilst pregnant for both you and your developing baby
  • Looking after baby teeth to maintain second teeth and foster good oral hygiene habits
  • Your baby’s first visit and how to prevent tooth decay from the very beginning by maintaining a correct oral hygiene schedule
  • Treating tooth decay, even in baby teeth
  • Dental fillings for baby teeth and the need for crowns, if necessary
  • Maintaining space when a baby tooth falls out, to allow for the permanent tooth’s required space
  • Fixing chipped, broken, or cracked teeth
  • The use of appliances that prevent your child from grinding their teeth during sleep
  • Minimising the need for more complex and expensive orthodontic treatment in the future through preventative orthodontics
  • Assisting your child to have a stress-free, comfortable, and painless dental experience

How to Get Started

It’s our goal to help your child have a healthy, beautiful, and confident smile that will last a lifetime. We put your child’s needs first to deliver high-quality dental care resulting in excellent oral health. Contact our practice today to schedule your child’s first check-up with our experienced and kind dentist!

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