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Are You Afraid Of Going To The Dentist?

Relax with Sleep Dentistry at Green Apple Dental Clinic in Brunswick

At Green Apple Dental Clinic your comfort is our primary concern. To this end we employ a number of strategies to ensure you are comfortable for any and all dental procedures.

  • Effective local anesthesia
  • Laughing gas sedation offers relief for anxiety
  • Intravenous sedation also provided by Dr. Jeffrey Field

Intravenous sedation is also available for dental phobic patients for any and all general dental procedures, such as fillings, root canals and cleanings.

Discover Stress-Free Sleep Dentistry

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Dr Jeffrey Field

Dr Jeffrey Field
Dr Jeffrey Field was first enamoured of surgery, but later in his practice life, he developed a love for sedation dentistry.

For Dr Field, the most fulfilling aspect of being a dentist is serving as a dental anaesthesiologist.

I like to provide safe and acceptable treatment for all dental phobes.

Most patients agree that their sedation appointment with Dr Field was the easiest, and most comfortable dental appointment they have ever experienced.

Stop Putting Off Dental Care You Know You Need

Is fear preventing you from obtaining the dental care you know you need? If so, we can help. Book your no obligation consultation today with Dr. Jeffrey Field to discuss your dental needs and how he can help you overcome your fears and anxieties.

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